Why Bodyweight?

Why Bodyweight?

Maybe you’re not convinced that it’s possible to get huge results only using bodyweight. But if you’ve been looking for sustainable fitness that doesn’t skimp on gains, you’ve come to the right place. Let us explain why the bodyweight movement is such a big deal and why GymFit specifically can guide you into your greatest fitness.

Bodyweight provides more resistence than is commonly understood.

If you’ve been looking at bodyweight programs that max out at squats and push-ups, we understand the confusion.

  • Two-dimensional movements like squats and push-ups eventually plateau if no resistance (weight) is added.
  • Your entire bodyweight becomes resistence as soon as your angles change.
  • This kind of resistance calls for full-body engagement, rather than one targeted muscle at a time.

It’s safe and scalable to you

Many intense and effective workout regimes run a high risk of injury. With bodyweight, you can gain the intensity without feeling so vulnerable.

You’ll build an insane core

An athlete doesn’t just want pretty abs. They need core strength that moves and stabilizes the body.

You build stability with fluid movements

Very rarely do we move at strict ninety-degree angles. Your body needs to be under control while moving.

It’s convenient and effective

If you have a bit of floor space and maybe a bare wall, you’ve got yourself a gym.

It’s fun

As soon as Spiderman discovered his web-slinging skills, he was swinging from building to building. Our athletes are kind of like Spiderman—they develop healthy joints and neurological pathways that allow them to truly enjoy moving beyond normal.

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