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Adding presses into routine?

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So I read a post from coach on his five favorite gymnastic exercises and # 2 was handstand press. # 1 was ring strength series. My question is considering my L - sit floor work is horrible and coach says at least 30 sec floor l - sit before any planche work. My idea on my routine is if I can hold a adv Tuck FL & BL for about 15 secs for 4 sets. Would it be a good idea to do a ring series with adv tuck fl & bl as my fsp for my levers with a added shoulder stand and ring support hold. Then the only other static I would do is floor l - sit work. MY FBE are PB HSPU + straddle rope climb, tuck FL rows + pesudo planche push up feet elevated. LEGs sls + HGR. Where would I incoperate handstand press work?

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