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Chris Cantrell

? about working out while healing (lacerations)

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Chris Cantrell

Sorry I know this isn't exactly a perfect fit for the "Basic Strength" forum.

I have been incorporating the PR into my standard cardio work outs for about a month. Two nights ago while building a barre for my wife I pulled a sweet move and cut through my cheek beside my lips, and out through the "seem" of my upper and lower lips. This also just about knocked out a couple teeth.

I have five stiches to the cut on the side of my face, three stiches on the inside and the teeth are sore but not loose.

My question is how do recovery from training and recovery from this type of injury affect each other? Basically can I work out while my face heals? Or will the two work against each other?

If I am choosing between my face healing as well as possible and losing a few days working out I have to pick the face. I can always get back on track with my work outs, but once the face heals poorly, thats a done deal.

So far I have not beenm working out for the last two days. I have been taking extra naps (maybe helps with recovery?) and really watching my diet.

Thanks for any info.

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Sorry to hear about your accident 151, I hope you fully heal quickly.

Naps are good. :) (that is about the only verified fact in my post; the rest is opinion)

I don't know if healing will get in the way of recovery, or vice versa, but it feels logical that there are finite resources available to your body at any given time. I think your question & worry is legitimate and that your reaction to skip two days of workouts to conserve energy and resources was very good.

Listen to your body, it will tell you when it is safe to push yourself.

In the meantime, and waiting for a more professional answer to your question, you could try to ease up into your training; maybe do your warm up routine, and a bit of light stretching, then leave it at that and see how you feel the next day?

If this is too much, go for a nice walk instead.

Good luck


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