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resistance flexibility training involves also Zonderland

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#1 Alessandro Mainente

Alessandro Mainente

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Posted 08 March 2012 - 08:35 AM


usually i work always with static relaxed and PNF isometrich..
what is your opinion?
i'' appreciate a Coach's idea on this method due to His preparation on joint and flexibility

i add a reference for the website:

#2 Blairbob


  • PipPipPip
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Posted 08 March 2012 - 10:37 AM

Interesting mix of techno-babble and spiritualism packaged. So it's a mix of sound data and pulling stuff out of your magician's hat.

Abra-Kadabra, Hocus-Pocus, Ka-zam! You're better now.

When doing partner stretching, it does require extra people to help. It's a lot easier for me (put more force) in stretching a kid 2 or 3x smaller than me than a full grown adult.

Breaking up scar tissue is good. We pretty much know this. That's what ART and it's variants (and other massage techniques) do. SMR, same thing. K-Star on MobilityWOD talks about doing this all the time and he likes to use bands to do it. You can use your body and positions to do it, therabands, or weights (DB) or apparatus (bars or rings or other fancier machines).

#3 Cole Dano

Cole Dano

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Posted 08 March 2012 - 12:07 PM

From my experience with Ashtanga where these kind of strong adjustments are common, that video kind of made me ill.

In my days as an believer in this kind of strong assisted stretching I can say as much as you think you have a good feel, things can go wrong. It might not happen often but when it does, you don't forget it. The worst think i remember doing was snapping someone's knee. Thankfully no major damage was done but it put the fear of god in me. There was a loud cracking sound, and she had trouble walking for a week or two though. When it happened I was already pretty experienced and had a good feel, but when you walk on the edge, things can happen.

I had a rib snapped in the same way, and have seen and heard of some really horrendous accidents. The worst being a completely fractured pelvis, yes the pelvis broke at the pubic synthesis.

There are better ways.