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Tyler Phillips

Writing about benefits of training with locked arms.

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Tyler Phillips

Hello all. Recently I've started a summer internship at a personal training facility, and as a part of my project for the summer I'm supposed to come up with blog posts for their website. One of the post ideas I came up with involved writing about the benefits of doing strength training with straight or locked arms. I know that physically it makes a given exercise harder (load farther away from the center of mass) and biologically it's capable of strengthening the tendons and ligaments(?) within that given joint. I also know that if one isn't careful it can be very easy to overtrain and injure the joint as well. The thing is, this blog (and this facility) are geared more towards traditional, albeit minimalist (no machines) approaches to personal fitness, and I don't know how well this will go over for a writeup geared towards that population. My personal goal is to try and bring the training that has served me so well - the GymBodies program - and incorporate it into the facility. The head trainer is open-minded, but cautious about this kind of training for his usual clients, even when scaled down to their level - locking out arms for exercises such as dumbbell raises (the example I would use in the write up) being one of them.

I guess what I'm asking is for some argumental support on why careful resistance training with locked arms is beneficial. I've had personal success with it, but I'm not so great at verbally expressing why in terms of the specific benefits. I figure you all may be better at that, as my A&P in that realm is lacking. Any articles that detail this would be great too.


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