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David Barclay

4 minute workout packages

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David Barclay

Hi all, I am looking for some thoughts on short and intense workouts. These days, with two small children, I work out at 0600 for about 30 to 40 minutes. It ypically includes pre-hab work and all my FSPs, plus a bit of dynamic work if my youngest doesn't wake up. (She's 16 months old, and I can't have her wandering around in my basement gym while I hang from the rafters...)

At lunch I do some powerlifting or scaled WODs at my office gym.

However, many times the lunch time option is not available, so I am looking for some thoughts as to hard and fast workouts I can do after my static positions in the mornings. The key is quick, high intensity, and then off to tend to a waking child. I will be nicely warmed up from the FSP, so I can hit them hard and fast.

For example, on a pull day.

Pullups, hanging leg raises, single legs squats x 3. By the time I finish the squats, I have had 60 seconds from my pull ups, so I hit them with rested muscles, but a heart rate pounding through the roof. Total time for all three sets is 4 minutes.

Push day has - HSPU or dips, back bridges, and more SLS.

Any other thoughts on good exercise couplets or triples?



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Do some of the GB WOD's without rest periods. Movement series to movement series. You will probably have to scale back.

Take for instance some of the GB FSP days where you couple BL and pullups, L-sit/PL and dips, FL and HLL.

In your case, I would just do a circuit of the FBE's. You may get some rest moving from movement to movement and insert possibly a 1m rest period between all. It's not optimal but it's decent for a time crunch.

3 or 4 exercises for 3 or 4 rounds.

Pullup progression, Push progression, Abdominal progression, Lower body progression, HS wall runs. That' an example.

Scale progression with intensity. For instance, this will suck with movements that are for 5reps but it will be work much better for movements that can be done for 10reps.

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