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Handstands and press work for young gymnast


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In our every day work plan we have:

- positions on flor with for body preparation (abs and back work)

- very high frog stand with knees together (werry intense sholder work)


- 4x1 minute on the wall (twice with stomach and twice with back)-30s of rest between handstands (not youngers):

- 45s handstand on the flor (with spotter or without, depends on his condition)

- 45s handstand on small p. bar ( -//-)

- 45s handstand on one bar (-//-)

Press to handstands:

1. youngest:

- 5 stradlle at the wall

- 5 stradlle with coach (for correction)

- 5 stradlle on flor without help

2. older (9 and 10):

- 5 piked at the wall

- 5 piked with coach (1 alone)

- 5 in a stradle L-seat with coach (or alone)

- 5 stradlle on a p.bar with coach (or alone)

- combination on p.bar with coach: stradlle, piked, stradlle from stradlle L-seat, half turn on one bar, stradlle from stradlle L-seat, piked, half turn and 10s handstand and return to L-seat (all preses ar from the seats to handstand)

Sometimes we add bouncing in the handstands (30s) on the trampoline with coach.

Any opinions?

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Good stuff. I often like to, after our warmup, do a handstand circuit of something similar.

One station I will spot, and the others will involve press handstand off a mat, against a block, straddle on the mushroom, kick to HS on parallettes, seal press to HS, L press to shoulderstand and back, handstand rocker ( perhaps with their feet on the wall for younger and lower levels ), and something on a trampoline involving a handstand ( back drop to HS, knee drop to HS 1/2; fun stuff ) and I'll spot something as well or perhaps a handstand series on parallettes.

Handstand, handstand, handstand. Then more handstands during events.

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