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Victor Mouclier

Long head of the tricep

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Victor Mouclier

HI !

If you're curious like me, you may have read many times across this forum that the long head of the triceps is a super strong stabilizer of the humerus.

I would like to know the best way to perform straight arm shoulder extension in order to target this muscle.

Is the long head is more active in shoulder extension behind the plane of the body (like in manna) or to the plane of body (like in the front lever pull) ?

How do you need to position the scapula ?

Allessandro should know this as well ^^

Thanks in advance

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Alessandro Mainente

It works on both the situation BUT as the latissimus dorsi work, the tricep is less involved. the more you move the hands behind the hips the less the lats work and this is the reason of why here you can work more on them. Notice that if you do the shoulder extension like in the front lever rarely you can fatigue the tricep soon. on the other side if you perform the first cm of manna lift you can immediately have tricep cramps.

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