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Sean Matsuda

Front Lever > Back Lever

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Sean Matsuda

Why is the front lever so much more difficult than the back lever?

I been stuck at one legged variations of FL for years (currently at advanced one leg FL)    Yet I gained the ability to hold back levers relatively easier long time ago, almost to the point where I feel like the little work I put in is not even deserving of me being at my current back lever level.

Maybe the dominant FL muscles are weak in me. Lately I been adding high lean pullups and close hand pseudo planche push ups cause it seem to work the upper back. Maybe that's what I'm lacking but I don't know.

What are the differences in muscles being used between both FL and BL?

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Alessandro Mainente

Hi Sean Front lever is harder than back lever when there is a low level of preparation for the back lever muscles. once a solid planche and pressing work is achieved, the back lever becomes a problem of bicep tendon conditioning.

tha main muscles in the back lever are anterior delt, long head bicep tendon, and less the pec muscle.

in the back level all the muscles that synergically adduct the arm on the frontal plane. so lats and tricep are the biggest.

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