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Mouclier Victor

General advices for shoulder health (not injured)

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Mouclier Victor

Hi GB !

I don't have any experience with shoulder issues but i would like to know what is generaly recommended to keep shoulders injury free.

I read from Frederic Delavier that every athlete need infraspinatus work to maintain the ball of the humerus in place (while counteracting stronger internal rotators).

do you have some other general recommandations to maintain healthy and stable shoulders ?



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Alessandro Mainente

Hi Victor, we are talking about injury prevention right? well, the most interesting thing is that as the big motor units adapt to load, also the small units, typically the stabilization muscles, adapts to the same load.

During a recent convention in  Switzerland, one my friend Franco Impellizeri, who is a sports science Doc., made an interesting premise to his speaking saying that it is not the load of an exercise that produces injury BUT HOW you reach that load.

this means that there is no exercise for injury prevention, no magic, no strange tool. 

graduality, progression, and balanced word.

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