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Right foot is externally rotated at rest/walking

Clay O'Neil

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Clay O'Neil


I've noticed that my right foot likes to be a little externally rotated, especially while walking.  I've also had problems doing lifts like the deadlift, clean, etc where I get pain in the right side of my low back along the spine.  During this I feel like my right inner hip is not offering any support, but it gets a bit better if I make a conscious effort to flex my right adductor and force my right hip back.  I think it might be slightly impinged, because my hips also click if I lay down and contract/extend my knee.

To fix this i've tried strengthening and stretching my hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors with various exercises like pike compressions, glute bridges, and weighted stretching by holding essentially a half way roman deadlift with very low weight.  These have all been pretty effective at getting some hip mobility and strength back, but nothing has fixed the external rotation issue.

Is this something any of you have seen before, or do you have any ideas of exercises that I should do to fix this?

Thanks in advance,


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Alessandro Mainente

HI Clay, the first problem when in locomotion people need to turn the feet out is due to short Achilles tendon but it can also be:

-tight external rotators like glutes or piriformis

-tight short head bicep femoris

-tight sartorius

-weak adductors and psoas on one side

A lot of possibilities, you need a PT in order to assist with the problem. Online/forum solution are simply impossible.

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