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Michael Estridge

Starting out to help correct posture

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Michael Estridge

Good day everyone,

I am starting the Fundamentals and Stretch series in hopes of gaining flexibility, body awareness, and improved posture.

To provide some background on myself, I am 28 years old and fairly trim. However, since 22 I’ve been working a desk job which requires about 90 minutes of commute time everyday. Basically, I sit— A LOT. Despite my attempts to move throughout the day I have developed tilted posture, laterally to the right.

I have a lot of tightness in my right side. Calf, hamstring, glute, QL, and poor right shoulder mobility (years of fine motor movement with a mouse).

Has anyone else experienced the same thing and seen improvements by sticking to these programs?

Thank you,


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Alessandro Mainente

Well, the first goal after many years of NOTHING is restoring the posterior chain, I can ensure that the front split course is perfect for this first problem.

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Jared Lybbert

I just had this conversation with my brother who is complaining about right sided asymmetry, mainly with his neck and head. I also have the same issue from Lots of computer work. Beyond the programs which are very thorough, you'll probably want to do some focused mobility and strengthening work to try to address the asymmetry.  You'll find that most programs, including GB, tries to address everything for the generic athlete, to no fault of their own. You will need to make that extra effort to address your own imbalances.

Do your best in front of a mirror, or get some help, to see if you notice a difference in strength (size) between your left and right side, as well as mobility. I'd start your analysis of your problem there.
Pay particular attention to how far you can move your head, ear to shoulder while looking straight. Are you getting headaches?

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