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Nicolas Lukas

Gymnastic strength training routine too much exercises in one workout?

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Nicolas Lukas


I´m currently getting through a routine for some weeks and I´m thinking that I do too many exercises in one workout. Here is my current gymnastic strength training program:

Mon/Wed/Fri shedule

superset 1 / 3-5 sets both

- front lever progression 

- back lever progression

superset 2 / 3-5 sets both

- L-sit / straddle L

- planche push up progression

superset 3 / 3-5 sets

- weighted squats / pistol squats

- plyometric deck squats


handstand / press handstand practice



- pancake stretch

- jefferson curl

- shoulder dislocates

- bridge


I alternate between straight arm static, straight arm dynamic and bent arm movements from training day to training day. I also alternate between straddle and legs together L-sit from training day to training day. Every few weeks I rotate between pistol squats and weighted squats. Now I am thinking of implementing a 4 day shedule Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri or something and splitting up to front lever, back lever, leg strength training, press handstand and the second split would be L-sit, planche push up, plyometric leg training, handstand practice. 

The stretching would be the same, but 4 times a week, instead of 3 times.

My question now is, if leaving the 3 times a week shedule with all those exercises would be fine or would a split in which I do every exercise 2 times a week (but training 4 times a week in total) would be superior for strength development (?). 

An alternative training routine would be push / pull / core / legs  4 times a week with alternating exercises. But where do I fit the press handstand work, planche push up and back lever work into the pushing segment, because I think I need to train a movement 2 times a week minimum to make strength gains or does once a week is enough because of carryover between exercises?

My goals are Manna, full back lever, full front lever, straddle planche and increasing vertical jump for tumbling.

Thanks for all input.

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Everett Carroll

Hey Nicolas, 

I really like the effort you've put into your programming. My critique of your schedule is simple: purely based on your goals, I can tell you that Foundation One is what you want to start training. Foundations literally has progressions for every single one of those elements, along with programming and coaching services to help you progress. I'm not going to try and reinvent the GST programming wheel because Coach Sommer's already been there and done that.

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