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Pavel techniques applied to gymnastics


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I have read the Naked Warrior and found it very interesting indeed! He even mentions Coach Sommer. I was wondering if:

In particluar his methods of greasing the groove with pistols and one armed pushups is suitable for developing functional gymnastics pure strength?

You could use Coach Sommers pistol variations once the normal pistol has been developed and grease the groove with that and say HSPU's once the one arm pushup has been developed.

Is greasing the groove effective for gymnasts?


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I did GTG for about a year and a half. I couldnt do barbell exercises cause I threw my shoulder out doing PK so I did one arm pushups on my left side only for a bit. Eventually my shoulder healed and I was able to go back to overhead pressing but my routine had changed a lot and I got more interested in pullups and BW exercise.

My routine was something like:

L-sit pullups

Leg lifts




I was at home and often, before I would go into my dojo, I would just do a few sets of any of those. I put a fixed weight on the deadlift and just left it with the weights on it most of the time (lol). I would just walk up, pound out 1 or 2 reps (strict good form) and that was it. I got pretty strong doing this method, keeping in mind I was pretty much doing a bodybuilding routine before my injury. I am sure it won't work forever but...

Bottom line: It worked.

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