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Wrist issues, post-injury

Tom Hughes

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Hi everyone, first time poster, just getting into GST and loving it so far.

In 2003 I shattered my left wrist and had surgery which resulted in a plate and screws. I also have a protruding piece of bone that is visible when I bend my wrist forward (see pics) This means that it is painful to fully bend my left wrist back to 90 degrees in order to do a press to the floor for press-up or handstand training. I currently use dumbells on the floor that act like parallettes to do press ups and want to continue to use them for handstand work.

My question is, should I try and work on flexibility with this bad wrist, or just stick to parallettes? I really want to do Handstand One, Two & Three, but don't want to commit to buying the courses if I can't do the movements. Can you just substitute flat palms on the ground for parallettes in each exercise? I'm worried that it's not just a flexibility issue with the wrist, but due to the protuding piece of bone, I will never be able to get the wrist fully back and may actually cause serious damage if I try. I was told paralette handstands don't really count, so want to do the full "proper" movement.

Any input is appreciated, thanks.







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Everett Carroll

Hey Tom,

Welcome to GB! Happy to hear you're loving GST so far. Parallette handstands "count" so don't worry about that :D I've seen many students use them to work around wrist issues for HS work. It would be worth visiting with a doctor like a sports physio to see if there is anything you can do to improve your wrist.

H1 has a lot of wrist flexibility and strength work that may be beneficial for your situation, but checking with a doctor would be important here. If it turns out that floor handstands are out of the question, that's not a deal breaker for your handstand career. You can still learn a killer HS using parallettes. In fact, H2 uses them for all of the specific press handstand drills. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. 



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