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Kovacs Marton

Planche pushup pain

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Kovacs Marton

Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum.I'd like to ask for advice regarding a rather persistent problem.I have a stable planche, and I believe im able to progress to more difficult levels such as the planche pushup (straddle in my case).My problem is that whenever i lower myself and then start to press up I feel a sharp pain in my left forearm.It feels as if one of those many muscles in the forearm were hurt, so i cant perform the exercise without pain.This isn't the type of pain deep inside the forearm that everyone encounters when going for the planche variations, my arms already got used to that.I can also "activate" this pain by trying to perform backlever pullups, or left handed one arm pullups with the palms facing away from me.

Thank you for any kind of advice in advance.

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Pauline Taube

Hi Kovacs,

Unfortunately we cannot give you any advices behind a monitor. I strongly recommend to seek advice from a physio or other medical professional. Feel free to post some videos of your training. This is definitely the best way to get accurate feedback on your training.

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