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Christopher Hancox

Additional training

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Christopher Hancox


I had been climbing for 5 years without really paying attention to deficits in mobility and body balance. This resulted in recurring injuries and eventually ended with nerve problems in my arms which put me out for 7months. 

I have now been training GST for 3 months, and in addition to physio treatment, I have now started thinking about adding some climbing in again. 

Has anyone got any experience with climbing as a supplementary activity to GST  (i.e. how often, intensity and fitting it in to the recommended schedule).

Thanks in advance,


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Alessandro Mainente

HI Christopher, the first thing you should know it is that injury means that your body it is not prepared for this type of intensity and that you need to build it back gradually. My suggestion it is to work on the Foundation and on the Thoracic series because for sure your shoulder has restriction due to climbing activity.

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