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Choice of Courses - Press to handstand

Peter Bruce

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Peter Bruce



Planning to buy one or two courses. My main aim at the moment is to get a press to handstand going, aswell as front lever. I know i lack alot of general flexibility, especially hamstring, for the press to handstand and i think i lack alot of upperback or shoulder strength(i dont think its abdominals at least) for front lever. My question is what courses should i start with if i wanna be able to do first of all press to handstand, and second of all front lever. Trying to priotize since its a decent amount of money.


My current strength level is that i can do a back lever in rings and on bars for a few seconds, not sure how proper the form is, but its not all that bad i think. No where near close being able to do front lever though(im able to do dragon flags easily and controlled and i train alot of hollow body, so i guess its my lats that are the problem or my shoulders, or i just dont keep my chest high enough in proper position.

I am also able to do human flag quite easily for a few seconds on my right side, and a few seconds less on the left side, mostly because of gripping power being unbalanced. Im not quite able to press myself up into human flag though, i need to do a negative where i hold at the horisontal level.

Strict muscle ups in rings for many reps isnt a problem, but on bars i tend to lose the false grip, even though i sometimes manage something almost close to proper form on bars for one rep.


When it comes to balance, im able to keep a handstand quite easily if im not stressed, think my record is 30 seconds on the same spot, but i can improve it alot. But i think my flexibility is really keeping me back from being able to say do reverse leg raises in a handstand. When i do them in a headstand i tend to look like a banana when my feet touches the floor.


Regards and sorry for the english :) from Sweden.

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Leo Trinidad

Hi @Peter Bruce,

Since your main priority is presshandstand, I would suggest that you avail Handstand One (to build a solid Handstand) and Handstand Two (specific progressions for presshandstand). As for the front lever, you need the Foundation Series(consists Foundation 1-4). Building your Front Lever through the Foundation Series is the best way. For example, Front Lever in Foundation One will focus on core for abs/transverse abs on the floor. Foundation Two adds a straight arm component, Foundation Three adds a hanging aspect and Foundation Four is direct variations towards achieving the front lever. 

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