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Léo Aïtoulha

Thoughts on this Reverse Planche

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Léo Aïtoulha

Some people consider that a Reverse Planche is a Bridge Handstand. I have always disagree with this and would like to challenge this belief by submitting a very interesting video that I recently saw on YouTube.

Please note that this guy does not have leg disability. It seems pretty important to precise it as I remember people saying that the only way to perform this exercise was to have a serious leg atrophy.

This is the proof that the true Reverse Planche is very possible for normally constituted people.

What do you think guys? (Perfect form is not the purpose of this topic)


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Joaquin Malagon

Technically, a Reverse Planche is a Handstand with an arch primarily in the  thoracic region while the legs are held approximately parallel to the ground and exhibiting full flexion of the shoulder girdle and there are variations of this, but essentially that is its technical name. A more appropriate name perhaps would be "inverted planche" as the Victorian is sometimes referred to as an "inverted swallow" but the naming scheme is inconsequential. This move is certainly impressive and I don't believe it to be impossible, it's just a matter of time before someone can put together a well-thought out list of progressions to at least reaching the straddled variation, if this theoretical isometric can be replicated effectively then it can become very useful but until then it remains elusive. In terms of form, I mean it's probably closer to a Victorian than an inverted planche judging by the angle of the arm in relation to the T-spine and he is a bit hollow. This is why having a Manna would help you achieve this move a lot more effectively, you would develop significant shoulder extension mobility and hence why having a solid foundation is important. But nonetheless impressive.

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