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Jon Ryan

Rings 2 3 and 4 Questions

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Jon Ryan

Hi, I'm new here to the forum, but not new to bodyweight exercise and some gymnastic type stuff.


What's the deal with the Rings 2 3 and 4 courses? Browsing around the forum it looks like back in 2013 in the roadmap and curriculum thread Coach mentions the Rings 2, Rings 3, and Rings 4 courses



However it is now 2017, about 4 years later. And I don't see those courses anywhere for purchase.  I checked here


Maybe they are listed on a different page somewhere?  Or have you decided not to offer the Rings 2, Rings 3, and Rings 4 at all?


Ring work is something I aspire to someday.  So I'd feel a bit disappointed to learn your courses would forever be stopped at Rings 1. 

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Alessandro Mainente

HI Jon , usually in order to move on to rings2, for example, you should show a proper handstand and also a basic press to handstand. since the straight arms conditioning for advanced rings position requires the handstand on rings and also a part of the press to handstand on rings, you should have already mastered them on a solid support.

In order to take all the benefit from combined pulling and pushing exercise, you should also be able to show correct handstand push up and hollow-back press plus all the external rotator and shoulder preparation, without you will find the injury very soon. Mastery of the basic must be showed before moving on more advanced work.

the question it is if you can do that. if not there is no reason to think about rings 2.

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As I am almost finished Rings 1, will there be a Rings 2 program available (hopefully soon)?

Surely, a Rings 2 program will build on the progressions from Rings 1, in the same manner that the Foundation program modules build on each other. 

I am eager to continue with rings training.

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Tanya Hill

Hi Nicholas, 

Congrats on almost completing Rings 1. Coach is in development for many new courses. Not sure when a Rings 2 will be out but I know it's in the works. 

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