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I'd need a good stretches for lower back/calves.

Guest Esa Lackström 173096

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Esa Lackström

I can't seem to target my lower back with anything. Granted, my lower body is one big tight knot because of sitting/standing job daily, even on weekends mostly. So most stretches like downward dog hit my legs a lot, painfully lot. Especially calves.  I do stretch them almost daily, but they just don't seem to open up. As i'm writing this, my calves again hurt/feel really unpleasant, feeling like they'd need some extreme violent stretch.

I was deadlifting again today, and it felt bad on my lower back. I warmed up, but couldn't get my lower back to "open" in a way. It felt like i seriously needed some good stretch to open it before i started lifting, but didn't, and now it's even worse. I tried different things, but didn't find anything that targets the right spot.

Do you guys have any tips for stubbornly tight calves/lower back?



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Pauline Taube

Hi Esa,

Thanks for reaching out!

The Front Split course target your feet, ankles and Achilles as well as your hamstrings (which often is the cause of low back pain). 

The Thoracic Bridge series includes stretches for the low back, upper back and shoulders. 

However if you're experiencing any pain, I highly reccomend to consult with a physio or other medical medical professional before starting any courses.

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