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Christopher Bassett 264228

Side Lever - Hip Drop

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Christopher Bassett 264228


Just a question or two about the side lever.

I was working on the full side lever with my best holding times at (3 seconds pushing left arm vs 8 seconds pushing right arm).and I noticed when pushing with my left arm, I would sag at the hips so my legs would point down slightly but when pushing with my right I would have no sag at all.

I thought best to take a step back to straddle side lever. I don't have any sag when doing straddle on either side but my best holding times are VERY different (6 seconds pushing left arm vs 20 seconds pushing right arm).

Is the sag I experience when I push with the left arm on the full side lever probably due to weak obliques on my right side? Could that also be causing the difference in the hold times on the straddle or is that just a weaker left shoulder most likely?

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Leo Trinidad

Hi @Christopher Bassett 264228,

This is most likely an imbalance in your strength training. Might be weakness in obliques, shoulders, lats, glutes and lower back. Send a video for a better picture on your form. Consider getting the Foundation Series to eliminate all your imbalances.

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