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Found 4 results

  1. Santiago Pinzón

    Why do the Side lever?

    Hello, I wanted to know a little bit about the rationale behind doing the Side lever. As I see it, all the other movements from Foundation can be included in some way into gymnastics skills or apparatus, except for the side lever. What would be the importance on this movement for the development of a good base? Thanks for the help.
  2. Christopher Bassett 264228

    Side Lever - Hip Drop

    Hello Just a question or two about the side lever. I was working on the full side lever with my best holding times at (3 seconds pushing left arm vs 8 seconds pushing right arm).and I noticed when pushing with my left arm, I would sag at the hips so my legs would point down slightly but when pushing with my right I would have no sag at all. I thought best to take a step back to straddle side lever. I don't have any sag when doing straddle on either side but my best holding times are VERY different (6 seconds pushing left arm vs 20 seconds pushing right arm). Is the sag I experience when I push with the left arm on the full side lever probably due to weak obliques on my right side? Could that also be causing the difference in the hold times on the straddle or is that just a weaker left shoulder most likely?
  3. Indeep Jawanda

    Health benefits of GST: Improved Digestion

    Was wondering if anyone, including Coach, has over the years working with GST, noticed any improvement in general health parameters? More specifically with an improvement in their digestive ability (assimilation, absorption, circulation, elimination) after doing certain exercises in the GST curricula. I am thinking that core exercises such as hollow holds, body levers, v-ups, HLLs, russian twists, side arches and windshield wipers might somehow strengthen the muscles surrounding the the digestive appartus including the intestines, thereby massaging them, thereby making them function better which would ultimately lead to better digestion and absorption of your high quality food intake. Anybody have any thoughts or experiences in regards to this subject matter?
  4. hi! the last two years i have been working alot on both my side lever, and my body lever. I normally do side levers for static and body lever for dynamic training. i can hold a side lever with good form for about 10s with straight body paralell to the ground and about 8 reps of body levers. and lately i have been doing body levers downhill witch make them substantially harder(i cannot do 8 of these:P). i can also do about 3 side lever pulls, but i need som work on the form since i havent been doing these alot. i was thinking of changing thing up a bit and do body lever as a static exercise to make better progress in FL and to start training side lever pulls with full ROM. do anyone have any experience with these two? how well they transfer to other exercises, how the static version is compared to the dynamic version when it comes to effectiveness, etc.
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