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Trouble Learning Handstand; Please Help

Brian Lee

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Hi, new member here. I've always wanted to learn the handstand, so I started this week. I think it would be a nice skill to have and I figure it will help in strengthening the right muscles as I am currently also learning how to breakdance.

I'd like to focus a little more on strength over balance. How should I train the handstand for this purpose? What should my form look like?

I've started learning by just kicking up into a wall, but I find that my lower back and legs relax backwards despite my best efforts. Posterior pelvic tilt, was it? Anyway I find it impossible to straighten my body up from here no matter how hard I try to flex my abs and glutes. I'm sure I'm doing something horribly wrong. Any ideas?

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Everett Carroll

Hi Brian,


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the GB Forum! These are common issues when first learning handstands but the Handstand One Course is your ticket to sorting them out. That course will provide strength and mobility progressions with detailed exercise information so you can begin mastering your handstand! You also have some pretty sweet resources like a complimentary video review service where coaches like me are there around the clock to review your form. Give H1 a try!  

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