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Start with GST - Coxarthosis

Pavel Votanek

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Pavel Votanek

Hello everybody,

I have spent few days searching reviews of programs that will help me to improve my condition etc. As a result I decided for gymnasticbodies, because I prefer long term goals and long term work instead of "instant miracles", and what I have foubd just makes sense.

But before starting I have a question regarding to my healt condition.

I am 27 years old, but I suffer from coxarthosis (arthrosis in hip joint) including cystical changes of joint. Therefore my hip mobility is changed permanently by changes of "solid part of my hip joint". Therefore I know I will be not able to overcome few mobility limits (like limited rotation of leg in hip or middle split is physically impossible).

From the reviews of your programs and interviews with coach Sommer I know that the basic frame of the GST programs is continuing step by step always after complete managing of the previsous step.

So in conclusion is there a posibillity of personalization of the program, or you not recommend joining GST, because I will be probably not able to overcome some basic step during the program and therefore not to go forward.

Thank you for your time and response in advance.

Maybe someone with medical backrounf from GB teams can help me.

(p.s. -  I dont want to sound as a lazy o giving up guy - I recognize diference between my current lack of mobility and physical impossibillity of some movements in my hip, that is not problem to be solve by any type of trainig, surgery etc.)

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Everett Carroll

Hey Pavel,

Welcome to GB! You sound motivated to improve yourself, not lazy. My best advice is to begin with Fundamentals, which is our basic, introductory course. Work closely with a physio or other medical professional as you go through the course to make safe modifications and ensure you are properly caring for your specific physical limitations. We do have some medical professionals active on here that may be able to provide more detailed and specific suggestions. 

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