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Patrick Landreman

Will Fundamentals help or hinder injury recovery?

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Patrick Landreman

Hi all,

I got into amateur gymnastics training ~4 years ago, dove in headlong without building a solid foundation and using too much volume, and have been out of the game with a bunch of muscle pain issues as a consequence. I'm hoping to start over from scratch with regular video coaching (if not in person) and focusing exclusively on restoring proper movement, no strength until my body is ready for it. The Fundamentals course seems like a possible option. I still have some predictable aches and pains - in particular, certain t-spine movements will set off my costochondritis.

My question: what threshold should I reach before trying to start Fundamentals? I know that rest is key, but too much inactivity will lead to problems as well.


(For anyone else dealing with pain, I found http://painscience.com to be a nice resource. I'm a nerd and love that he cites all his primary research sources.)

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Alessandro Mainente

Foundamentals does not need requirements, you need to use them to explore your limitation and have more knowledge about your body. of course during this course feel free to avoid what can be a cause of pain.

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