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I've begun training handstands and i was surprised to find that after about two weeks I could free stand without the wall. However, I read in your post of eye contact that you want the arms to be very near or squeezing the head. I have had my arms farther out. What is the correct hand position for a majority of handstands?

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Guest Valentin

The correct arm position is

1- Straight arms (clearly, and obviously)

2- Fully elevated shoulders (so that there are no gaps between the arms and ears)

3- Shoulder width apart (the elbows should be at least, as some people have hyper extended arms and that makes placing the hands under the shoulders very uncomfortable and its not ideal)

5- The head is neutral with the eyes looking up over the eyebrows between the the thumbs.

Hope that helps

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Maybe is stupid but how much is shoulder width apart in cm, inchs?

My width from thumb to thumb is about 35 cm or about 13-14 inchs. I ask this because i fell that my handstand is not stable, and my back is like small arch. So how to fix that to? :)


Kosovo is Serbia

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Fix the arch with hollow body holds, and for shoulder width, that is the width of your shoulders pretty simple huh?

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