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2nd Dan Grading in less than a year

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Hi All

I have been out of shape for a good few months now, due to a couple of viruses and busting my back, everything is now healed and its time to start getting back into shape. My biggest goal at the moment is I have my 2nd Dan grading in less than a year. The technical side of things is getting worked on, but its my strength and conditioning I need to improve upon. For endurence and stamina I am working on High Rep Kettlebells with Swings and snatches. I am also looking for functional strength and I beleive gymnastic training will give me what I am looking for.

As part of the grading, actually the very end of a grueling grading we have to be able to perform the following.

250 Pushups

250 Burpees

250 Squats

250 Situps

and depends sometimes 30 pullups although not seen this one for a while

So need some help on getting my numbers up in the following aswell.

Just looking for some tips and advice on how to incorporate and structure Gymnastic training to get me strong for my grading.



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I'd recommend working on those motions by themselves. A lot of gymnastic strength (as it seems to me) isn't about those exercises, so it'd be hard to show what you need.

I would say different exercises for the abs though. Like hanging leg lifts and L sits.

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