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tumbling volume sets/reps etc.

LeeLee Weiland

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LeeLee Weiland

Hi guys,

I am a basic tumbler.  I am working on roundoff rebounds, roundoff-backhandspring rebounds, and roundoff-backhandspring-backtuck, all up onto an elevated surface about 4 ft. high.  I have access to a spring floor and 6x9 foot blackbed trampoline, both right next to a nice pit.  I also have stackable mats.  I would like to progress toward more powerful tumbling and maybe double flips and twists at some point.  I am NOT looking for tips to do those advanced skills as I understand the liability incurred for giving advice over the internet.  Rather, I was wondering if someone could let me know what is good regimentation and volume for serious tumbling training.  I was talking with a power tumbler and he mentioned that sometimes they'd do 100 double backs in the span of 4 hours. I am wondering if anyone could mention a good work load for perfecting and making powerful the roundoff-backhandspring-backtuck and roundoff-backtuck for a 2 hour, 5 day a week training plan.  That's the usual amount of time I train.

Thanks a lot!  I'd really appreciate it :-)

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