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Stretching before Stretching because I neglected Stretching

Kevin Easton

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Kevin Easton

Yep, just like the title states.

I am/was into weight lifting for many many years.  Back when I started working out everyone had the mentality of getting big, strong, and everything else didn't matter.  Stretching wasn't something I thought about.

I'm older and wiser now and along with that as stiff as a board. 

I have tried to do a bridge and it's a total gong show.  My back and shoulders don't have the mobility to even start. 

I have been trying some simple things (simple for others) like rocking tables and shoulder extension behind me.   I am having some serious tension in my elbows and front of the shoulder.  The elbow feels like I am being arm barred (out comes by jiu jitsu lingo).

I was listing to Coach Sommers pod cast with Tim Ferriss and he mentioned issues with tight biceps and tight brachialis that need to be addressed.

If I can't even do these due to tightness in the brachialis and biceps do you guys have any stretches I can do before I start doing these shoulder extension stretches?

Coles Notes: I am trying to add some mobility in my arms so I can start working on shoulder extension stretches. 

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Eva Pelegrin

Do you own the Thoracic Bridge stretch course? There's great material there for the biceps, brachialis, shoulders and spine. "A must"in light of the goals you're describing. 

Even if you had to scale the movements at the beginning (or as long as necessary), I think you will find it a very good investment in helping you achieve your stated goals. With a little patience and discipline, anyone can do it! The only catch is that you have to do the work. And that's just a very small price to pay when you know you're on the right path. Cheers. :)

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