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are presses enough once you can press?


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Once you can stalder press to handstand from a seated straddle L position with nice form and good compression, would it be enough to just work on the presses itself with good form or should you do additional compression and L-Sit work?

My friend managed to do a really nice straddle L press handstand and returning to it, finishing in straddle L. (he has great flexibility because he did martial arts). he got there with working standing presses, holding the straddle L, negatives and a lot of trying to press up.

Now he has it consistent and asked me if he should continue doing the compression drills or if it would be better to spend the time on presses and moving towards several presses in a row.

Any thoughts?

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Katharina Huemer

Personally, I did tons of compression work.

However, I think that once you know how it feels and just have the technique down (pressing up with almost no shoulder angle, using hip flexibility effectively and really can fold in half nicely), I find simple press work with good form more beneficial.

I think presses are far more exhausting than simply holding static compression positions when you can already move through all of them in all specific movement. 

It definitely won't hurt as it would not hurt continuing holding a bent arm hang once you can do pull-ups, a bent arm push up position once you can do push-ups etc. It would maybe make you compression outstanding, but if your goal is pressing, I would work on that!

This is just my opinion, I wondered the same and this is what I decided to do for myself.

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