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Has anyone here heard of Nick Curson?

Ronnicky Roy

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He's the strength and conditioning coach for several UFC fighters as well as boxers and muay thai fighters. His most notable athletes at the moment are Ruslan and Dos Anjos(UFC light weight champion).

Anyways, I found his methodology interesting because he advocates exactly what coach does in terms of Plyometrics being king for training athletes. Explosive box jumps, sprints, plyometric bench press/clapping pushups and so on. His training methods are bringing great results in the sports world as it stands and I thought you guys might like to look into him and his athletes as sort of more proof for what's possible, when you train properly. Building a good base of strength, then moving onto high level plyometrics.

Just typing in "Nick Curson" into youtube will bring up any number of his training videos and his interview on the Joe Rogan show where he talks about some specifics. It's pretty enlightening for anyone who is interested.

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