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Pain Inside Elbow

Daniel Bilek

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I feel small pain and discomfort and im scary if i can injury myself at Elbow when i do Front Lever Rows or  evelated plank (in extension)
When im doing front lever i dont feel nothing only at the end of the set when my elbows are hyper-extension.
When im doing front lever negatives i dont feel nothing too...


When i do planche i dont feel any pain or any bentexercise.


Here is picture where i feel it.

Some advice?


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Alessandro Mainente

Epitrocleitis , nothing to do with golfer elbows that is the opposite elbow part.

Your situation is typical of low specific elbow preparation for pulling movement. you need to stop immediately. if you worked ON the injury it could take months. one my friend stopped completely with front lever for more than one year.

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Alessandro Mainente

Basic best approach:

stay away from exercise that cause pain. so you will start from your actual level on foundations. does your actual PE cause pain? 

if yes, step back for the entire group type and test another group.

From my POV there are 4 big groups in Foundations:

-rope climbing


-vertical plain

-horizontal plain


So if you are working on Rope climbing and it cause pain stop with all the RC and test for the multiplane.

if for example a vertical plain (like chin up) is the cause of pain then stop with all pullup/chin up variation and work on rowing variations.

if rowing variation are painful then stop completely with pulling work.

At certain level of injury also some exercises could present pain like handstand , front lever (F2-3-4 elements) and manna stallbar PE's. in this case you will stop with everything concerned with pain.

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Thanks for reply.

Ive not injured ( i hope i will not ) I dont feel big pain or something like that i feel only discomfort and i cant descripe it..I am just feeling that something is wrong with my elbow..

thanks for advice

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