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Hamstring tendon going crazy - Middle split question


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I'd greatly appreciate your advices on an "anatomical" question.

I'm currently training for the middle split. When I got into the position (with anterior pelvic tilt and toes pointing forward) as soon as I get past 10 inches from the ground I feel a sharp pain in my hamstring tendon just behind the knee. It feels like if I put more pressure on it it would pop or tear. I don't feel any stretch in my hips nor in my hamstrings, only in that tendon precisely on both legs.

So it stops me from progressing and going lower to actually stretch my hips and hamstrings. My hips are much more flexible when I'm doing a frog stance for instance, I can almost touch the ground. And when I'm doing the pike I don't feel any strain on my tendons. 

One can simply stretch a tendon ? Or Is it anatomically impossible ? Someone told me you can only stretch muscles, the tendons can only adapt to the load. If so my tendons might be too weak to support the load ? Would it be better then if I slightly bend my knees to reduce the pressure ? Or is a bid idea in order to progress in the right direction ? 

I know that there were quiet a few topics about knee pain while stretching for the middle split but the OP's were talking about hamstrings pain. I can clearly feel it's my tendon here that is messed up... It is the white area on the bottom left of the right picture (grade III - complete tear). 

P.S. : Sorry if my post ain't straight to the point or grammatically incorrect.. English is not my mother tongue please forgive me  :ph34r:.


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David McManamon

Middle split stretching injuries can take a very long time to heal, ditto for hamstring tears, a brief tour of Google hamstring injuries is very scary so back away quickly from any sharp pain or joint pain.  Connective tissue can become more flexible as can the belly of the muscle so as you strengthen and lengthen both you will no longer feel that sharp pain, also the neurological component is big not just the physical so as you spend more time at 75% of your max your nervous system will become more accustomed to your body in that position and be able to relax.

Listen to the GB podcasts and consider building the stretches daily/weekly over months and years because that is just how long it takes for most people to do it right, especially adults.

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