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Katharina Huemer

I never thought this day would come

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Katharina Huemer

I never thought this day will come, but somehow it was clear it would: I will stop training gymnastics.

Short overview: I have never done any sports apart from a little ballet as a kid, but was always fascinated by acrobatics. I didn't even knew the sport artistic gymnastic existed!
3 years ago, I accidentally went to a trial class at sports university and fell in love with it! I then read a lot of stuff on the internet and found this forum and bought Foundation and Handstand. I got enrolled in a gymn club and trained like crazy.

Last week, I had my last competition.
My best skills included: double back and double pike and front handspring two layouts on floor, stalder full pirouette on bars, back handspring layout step out and side+front aerial on beam. On vault I only did a piked tsuk.

However, I learned soo much in not even 3 years, I am so thankful for everything. But it took so much dedication, I spent so many evenings in the gym while my uni colleagues where going out. But it was totally worth it!

However, I will finish my studies very soon (primary school teacher). I will now do an internship in New Zealand, followed by world trip with a friend. I won't be at home for more than a year. When I come back, I want to start working and I would really like to have a social life again, no more evenings at the gym (apart from a few just for fun).

It is so hard, it almost makes me cry (it actually did already!). I still love this sport and I always will. But I just feel it can't be like this all my life anyways and I have to move on. I will still coach, though.

So long story short: I don't know how I should continue keeping at least a little fit. I don't want to be one of those saying: Oh, when I was young, I could....
I am not so afraid of losing skills but more of losing my physical abilities!
So far, I did strength training almost everyday. Pull Ups, Chin Ups, Handstand Push-Ups, Dips, Leg Lifts, Single Leg Squats, Squat Jumps etc.
But I know I won't be able to do that on my trip!

So, as some of you might know already: I LOVE press handstands. These are by far my most favourite skill!

What I decided now is the following:

While away, I could run everyday for 50minutes (around 10k) and then do an hour of handstand work followed by stretching.

I would do those press handstands everyday:

20 standing straddle presses 
20 standing pike presses
20 V-Sit Pike Presses
30 Straddle Presses from straddle L
10 V-Sits

Then stretching for 30minutes.

Occasionally, I will also do my acro skills, like standing tucks and handsprings and aerials.

What do you think about that? How will it change my body? Do you understand me? What would you do? Any wise words?

Thank You in Advance

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 Do what you can, don't sweat about it.

In time, you'll probably lose a bit of your conditioning (won't be training as much). 

If you have an hour a day, you can probably still do your GymnasticBodies Foundations and Handstand work.

Try to figure out how much time you have to train per day. Rather how much time you can or WANT to commit to. Go from there.

So long as you stay active and eat healthy, you'll be fine. Life goes. on.

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