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BW exercises to build up to a handstand?


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Hey guys, new here!

Anyways I just need advice where to start? I don't have the strength required to allow me to do basic moves effectively like the frog.. for one.

I weigh quite a bit and I can't quite get my self up to the vertical back part. Just any exercises in general I can do? or should be doing? I have been doing wall handstand lately as well but meh. Gotta start somewhere I suppose!

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Edward Smith

well Apothikrew firstly it's always a lot easier for people to help you in this forum if they know your current strength levels? please don't take this in a insulting manner.

anyway here's a link to a post someone else mad listing some basic exercises http://gymnasticbodies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=400 scroll down a bit it's there

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George Launchbury

Hi Apothikrew,

Welcome to the forum.

ed x is right ...it's much easier to help people out when there are some details to work with. The thread that ed x posted is a good example of that. Since you say you require some more functional strength, it would be an idea to start there - you'll enjoy working the basic static holds a lot more for putting in some good foundation work, and get better progress as well.

(note to ed x - you can get the link to an exact post by clicking the little 'letter' icon in the top left corner of each post, to the left of the posting date).

If you find that the ideas in the linked thread are either too hard or too easy, let us know which, and why/how, and I expect someone'll try and help out with some other variations. Keep working the wall handstands in the meantime, as amongst other things they'll help with wrist/hand strength and balance. One of the factors in starting planche variations often overlooked is that you have to balance as well!

Most importantly - keep safe, have fun and enjoy your training.



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practice kicking up, but not quite to a handstand,

from a wall headstand try to press up to a wall handstand(this helped me a lot),

just go up into one and try to fall properly(tuck and roll, pirouette)

a lot of falling and a lot of frustration got me to a solid handstand

hope this helps!

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Wall handstand is the bread and butter of handstand training at a beginner stage.

Additional stuff like pushup position hold, body levers, headstand, plank holds are all dandy and good too.

Getting into a piked pushup position and hopping your feet up and down into donkey kicks or kicking one leg to near vertical and switching in the air are good as well.

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