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Alejandro Gjezi

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Alejandro Gjezi 135322
On 10/4/2016 at 3:00 PM, Mark Goedeke said:

For elbow tendonitis, the tyler twist with a flexbar and stopping pullups and starting Foundation fixed me in 3 months.

Man, you said it yourself... the magic word... "Tendonitis"...
Tendonitis needs something to stop inflammation and modification of excercise... We're talking about tendinosis here, with some calcium deposit on top for some extra pain ;)

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Alejandro Gjezi 135322
On March 29, 2016 at 6:22 AM, Joseph Fino said:

I am very interested in bpc 157 and tb 500 due to some extensive ligament injuries. Is there anyway you could tell me your sourcing for those peptides?


They DO work, especially when the tissue is not completely necrotic (either mucoid degeneration or fibers of literally "dead" collagen, as my doctor likes to call them) or doesn't have big calcium deposits...

It would be a good idea to couple it with shots of prolo or prp, and a final stem cell injection... and a comprehensive rehab program... I reinjured myself before I could finish my rehab in one knee... The radiological findings showed the peptides were doing a remarkable job healing and when I added the stemcells-prp there was even more of a response from my body... But re-injury in my vacations sent me back to hell :/

However, you're talking about "extensive" damage... what kind of damage? These little @$#% work best with fresher injuries... If you have chronically affected tissue you need lots of needling and re-kindling of the injury (acute-ifying it and hoping healing will be good this time) along with the peps to make it better...

And last but not least, you should make it that the peptides are 100%LEGIT and 100%carefully moved from their country of origin, as they can go bad veeeery very easily if transported the regular way (mine came in nitrogen ice-packs all the way, thanks to the guy that found them for me and were lab-quality, but i don't have him anymore, he moved). 

Anyway, best of luck!!! ;)

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Alejandro Gjezi 135322
On April 2, 2016 at 9:21 AM, Ian Hogg said:

It may be that you are too far gone for this to help but this method certainly helped my elbow tendonitis which I had tried many other non-surgical methods including rest to get rid of. I'm not an expert but for tendonitis type issues I really like the approach that Louie Simmons (a Powerlifter) of Westside Barbell uses called Overspeed Eccentrics. I knew eccentrics were supposed to be good for tendons but had never heard of doing them at high speed (ie as fast as possible) I have never really heard of anyone else using it or talking about it.
It basically involves using resistance bands to speed up the eccentric portion of a movement with high repetitions, the idea being to basically bounce off the tendon at full extension to strengthen and hypertrophy the tendons rather than relying on using muscular effort to return the limb. From the blog hyperlinked below "The object is to not use muscular force to perform the repetitions but to use the energy from the over-speed eccentric. By doing so the muscular contraction is minimal, putting the strain on the connective tissue to absorb the energy and transfer it. The connective tissue and tendons do this by deforming and reforming. The bigger the deform the bigger the reform and if we perform this under a long enough time, the tissue will hypertrophy." 

Here is their physio John Quint demonstrating an exercise for the elbow tendons. I used the opposite of this action ie pulling up and releasing under resistance to help my inner elbow tendonitis.

and here is a blog with a bit more detail about it


Louie Simmons himself uses it to keep his knees in trim after decades of carrying out extremely heavy squats. 

He talks about it here from about 1 min 15s on

Hope it is of some use I did a lot of research on tendon hypertrophy and they were the only ones I found who mentioned this particular technique.


This is definitely the way to go for rehab, but this is a final-step in the long ladder of tendon rehab, especially when it comes to the mess of tendinous fibers I have for a patellar tendon right now.

If i were to jump right to this, i'd probably go straight to surgery with a totally popped patellar tendon :/ I went close to this kind of training with my right knee (the "good" one) and i'll probably go all the way towards this again when both knees are good (no need to screw up my good one now, especially since it's getting twice the work these past months...)

haks for the reply though, man, let's keep this thread alive for anybody looking for answers... And for my own curiosity to, haha lol, I've seen some pretty good replies up to this moment...

And i'm definitely going to go back to sports, be it through open surgery or Tenex (either+all the peptide-prp-stemcell mumbo jumbo) so I want all you guys to be part of this and get some more "final" answers on tendon healing, rehab, and recalcitrant tendinosis...


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On 10/5/2015 at 11:30 PM, Alejandro Gjezi said:

Also I'd suggest for your dad using peptides and even jumping on life-long hgh treatment (again if you have the "green" and if he is not against ped's helpful hand) coupled with the "debridement+stemcell" way (if the doc believes a debridement would be safe and sound)

I agree with you, gh is very good idea!

My knees seem to be improved slightly. I would have to accredit this to the PRP treatment I had about 4 weeks ago. I'm still am very limited in the activities I can do but the pain has lessened. I am able to sit in a chair for a longer period of time before the pain comes on.

I have begun Pharma grade HGH as well 3 days ago. My dosage protocol is as follows:

Week 1: 2 IU
Week 2: 3 IU
Week 3: 4 IU
Week 5-16: 5 IU

I am going to let the PRP and HGH run its course.

Currently have the IGF and BPC-157, but have decided to save this for a phase 2 (if need be). I don't want to mix any anti-inflammatorys with the PRP treatment.

I'll keep the updates coming!

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