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One-sided Pain/Grating in Upper Back

Ian Hogg

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I've got a strange sensation in my back, if I lean my head down as if to stretch the back of my neck or do pike fold I feel a strong tight sensation just to the inside corner of my left shoulder blade. I also get a a grating noise coming from the inside top of my left shoulder blade if I roll my shoulder back and down and my left shoulder clicks slightly if I'm doing overhead pressing movements.


My right shoulder is fine and I don't ever remember injuring either side of my body. I've been doing rotator cuff strengthening exercises in case it is that but it hasn't made any difference so far.

I've tried using a theracane to hit the spot but it's quite hard to pinpoint and it hasn't made any difference I've also foam rollered the area. I got my wife to look at my back and she couldn't see any asymmetry.


Basically my questions are what muscle(s) do I need to be stretching or strengthening to help this and what stretches/exercises should I use?


Many thanks to anyone who can help me



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Seeing no-one else seems to know about this, to update I've done a bit of research and it might be Snapping Scapula Syndrome although how I've ended up with it I've no idea as I don't do overhead sports unless you count gymnastics and it's allegedly quite rare?

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Pec stretches are one thing you may have missed trying.

Also try shrugs in the rowing position and on parallel bars.

Finally the first few SL elements in F1.

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