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Farid Mirkhani

Gymnastic classes training (non elites) (out of curiosity)

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Farid Mirkhani

I've looked around at youtube for differenct gymnastic teams to see how they train etc. Not much luck really, a few videos here and there. What I noticed is that they don't seem to be doing reps and sets, more just for a 15-20 minutes doing different core variations. Is this how gymnast train? Do they never count sets and reps?


I've never witnessed a gymnastic training session, very curious to how it works.

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Katharina Huemer

hm, I think you are talking about boys/men gymnastics training.

However, I train 5 days a week, 3-4 hours at a time. We warm up for about 45 minutes. Running, jumping, stretching (not too long), light conditioning (hollow rocks, sit-ups, etc in higher numbers) to get the muscles ready. 
Then 30 minutes on each event, training either the full skill or side stations and drills. At the end we stretch and do kicks and leaps and jumps with ankle weights.
The last 30 minutes is "heavy" conditioning like rope climbs, pull-ups, leg lifts, push-ups. And I do a lot of handstand presses.

Boys are pretty similar, just focus more on strength of course. Also in between event rotation they have strength stations included.

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