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Elbow pain / biceps tendonitis

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After trying out a variation of the pelican exercise I experienced some discomfort both inside my elbow and on the outside, (mostly on the inside). 


I have stopped working on this exercise and I will not go for it for a very long time. The question is then; should I take a break from training entirely or should I continue working on these exercises:


Rings turned out support holds 20-60s

German Hang 20-40s

Front lever and back lever when the discomfort disappear


Are there other exercises i should do to prepare/rehabilitate my elbow tendon?

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Léo Aïtoulha

Rest until the pain disappears & avoid the exercises that cause the pain. Support and Supinated Back Lever are intermediate exercises thus they are not recommended for beginners. Training BL prematurely often lead to very nasty distal biceps tendon (elbow joint) and proximal biceps tendon (shoulder joint) injuries.


What is a beginner by GST standards ? A beginner is somebody who doesn't master the seven fundamental exercises covered in the Foundation Series (Front Lever, Straddle Planche, Side Lever, Manna, Single Leg Squat, Hollow Back Press and Rope Climbing) and/or who doesn't have the required mobility paired with these exercices and/or who doesn't have a solid freestanding handstand.

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Alessandro Mainente

basically You are not ready for pelican training. immediately rest until pain is gone then i suggest you foundations.

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