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Twice a day


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I am new here and I simply tried to find a thread regarding training twice a day, I am sure there is something but couldn't find it.


So, what is GB's view on training twice a day, or splitting ones' routine into two shorter sessions a day?

Also, instead of training F1 and H1 on different days, could these both be done in the same day, F1 in the morning, and H1 in the evening, without taxing the system too much or getting into over training? In other words, doing strength work in the morning, skill work in the evening, or the other way around...


Is there anyone who has experience training in this way with these programs?

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Ivan Pavlovic

I do H1 at Tuesday and Thursday and i also do foundation on same days. Sometimes i do them in one training sesion and sometimes i separate them in two. It feels normal for me. :)


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Murray Truelove

Work capacity is very individual, try it for a few weeks and see how your body responds.

I think it was on Reddit that coach said that 2 training session's a day is like one long training session as far as your body is concerned, just make sure you're recovering.

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Bryan Wheelock

I'm doing H1 4-5 days a week and F2 three times the same days as my H1 session.

Doing H1 more frequently has exhilarated my progress. My best freestanding handstand is 30 seconds. I do make sure to rotate between Hands, parallettes, and blocks. I think this lets my ligaments rest a little bit.

h1 is skill work and doesn't demand much recovery for me and I'm 225 pounds. Just work your way into it slowly.

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