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Handstand training on steady state


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Hi all,

I am about to start a new steady state cycle and I want to inject handstand training into my routine. Is the type of training seen on the WOD's e.g wall handstands, handstand runs different in nature to handbalancing type training? Would it be placed in a routine in a different manor? I am training 4 days a week and I was thinking of placing wall handstands (30 secs on-45 secs rest) either at the beginning or end of the workout. In one way I think it should be at the beginning because handstands are so vital and I am fresh to learn a skill. On the other hand I think I don't want to fatigue myself before the workout.

Could anyone guide me in the right direction? Possibly wall handstands at the beginning of 3 days a week and the wall runs at the end of one workout in a week?


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I would do any handstand balancing at the skill/beginning portion of the workout. I put wall presses at the end of my workouts are maybe as a WU but if they are in volume its used as strength work so it kind of depends. 10m of wall runs would be the strength WOD.

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