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When to stop using the wall for handstands


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Hey guys,

I have been doing some serious handstand work lately, mainly trying to get proper shoulder extention and flatten my body. I rarely used the wall until I began trying to fix my form. It worked great and my handstand has improved significantly. My record hold as of now is 54 sec freestanding with proper extension and I can get to 30 with ease. I have been doing static holds everyday on the wall and freestanding for a month now. Is it time to ditch the wall and begin training more difficult handstand exercises or should I keep up static holds for another month?


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Static Wall/wrist HS against the wall are good for their own reasons.

However, if you are able to do a consistent 30s free HS there isn't too much of a use for wall unless you are doing them for wall presses to HS or HeS presses, etc. With a HS of that competency you should be able to kick HS and practice HS press downs from that position or press up.

Long duration HS holds like wall HS for time or wall runs for time are still a good idea but you should be practicing the wall runs without the wall or walking HS.

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