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Is the F1 course even suitable for me? (with all of my problems....)

Jonas Hohmann

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Is F1 even suitable for me?

Hey there,

I have a few concerns and questions regarding the GB online courses ( Foundation 1, first and foremost, as this is the starters-course).

1. Structural Integrity - Is variablility possible?

Ive been having several issues or injuries with my body, that has to be continously be treated via exercises(Strengthening of stabilizing muscles, as well as the weakened musclew and specific stretching) that improve my structural integrity.

Namely, the ones that i think would be affected most by exercises that arent tailored to my conditions would be shoulder issues( that are only coming when my push-pull ratio is out of order: i generally have to pull more than i push to remain healthy. ( and of course i have to do mobility as well as strengthening the shoulder-stabilzing muscles, like e rotator cuff e.g.). That appears to me is coming from my predisposition that my pec muscles are ( mostly determined by looks ) /appear larger than my back muscles, hence i have slightly winged scapula as well as slighty forward pushed shoulders.

Quote of coach sommer:

"Posted 13 February 2014 - 11:45 PM

While some do indeed insist on such a ratio, GB does not.

Yours in Fitness,

Coach Sommer "

Since this ratio ( of more pulling)! isnt used here, im worried that ill develop shoulder issues on the way.

So: is it possible to adjust the program to the point that im more pulling?

Im also wondering on the WAY: The program is tailored to the common guy that has the common postural prepositions: slouched shoulders/ kyphosis and anterior pelvic tilt/ weak glutes/ weak hamstrings, tight quads.

How then is this program then fixing those imbalances. Heavy pike-stretching seems to be involved, more pushing than pulling etc.Im not trying to "hate" here, im just trying to understand how this program works. There might be some clues i dont get yet....

Maybe this program fixes those problems just in a different way i dont understand? If you do, please help me out!

Returning to my personal issue:

After all: To me, this program looks very fixed...or are there was given to address personal imbalances?

The second problem im facing is the one with my patella tendinosis.

Treatment that im following involves strengthening of the glutes, stretching of the anterior hip, quads etc. - basically fixing muscular imbalances that are caused by the sedentary lives nowadays.

So basically: stretching the muscles that overtighten in modern sedentary lifestyle, and strengthening the "posterior muscular chain".

And I dont see that f1 would do that for me: pike stretch for the manna: stretching the already weak hamstrings,

Single Leg squat progressions without being coupled by posterior chain work ( for the lower body).

This gives me the question: while this program may be great for people without any injuries or imbalances, im asking myself: is it even suitable for me? And if not: is it allowed/ does it make sense to chance it to my needs? Or would it then rather make much more sense to do a whole another program, suited towards my issues?

As said:. I am worried that this program will help me with those progressions, but will worsen my knee condition by imterfering in the structural integrity of my lower limbs here.

Also, another question: How would that extreme hamstring flexibility (build up in manna progr.) be influencing overall sportivity and danger of injury in track and field sports? I am, in school, in an intensive sport course, where we are doing some of the popular sports, also im a tennis player.

I heard that extreme hamstring flexibility increases injury risk in such sports because of increased instability in those sports..

Also, several PTs tolr me that i am hypermobile and should stop stretching so much.i should focus more on stability work to stabilize respective joints.

I hope youre seeing my dilemma...

Looking forward to your input!



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1. Yes it is. A lot of the forum members following the foundation series have issues of their own. Over time with persistent effort the issues we started out with are fixed.


2. There is a lot of pulling exercises that are part of the entire foundation series. Most of the the pushing exercises are there to develop your triceps over your chest.


3. In regards to your knee. Wait till you are released from your physical therapist to pursue further leg training.


4. Yes, you can "stretch" too much. Especially when an individual is naturally hyper mobile. 

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Douglas Wadle

There is a tremendous amount of posterior chain work, and don't think the hamstrings and glutes are not worked.  You would be wrong.  The program is superb at strengthening all those stabilizer muscles, and while it does have a lot of pushing, it is in multiple planes, and a lot of straight arm work as well.  There is plenty of pulling as well.  The exercises being used on the posterior chain will more than please you I am certain.  In fact some of them were recently featured in a study which demonstrated them to be the best exercises for preventing pulled hamstrings. There is a 30 day money back guarantee as well, so there you go.  

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