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Saving a handstand?


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What techniques do you use to keep a handstand going?

Myself, if I'm about to roll forward I try to push my shoulders back (like throwing a medicine ball behind you), but if I don't do it soon enough I roll anyway. I tried digging my fingers into the ground but I weigh 190# and that doesn't work for me.

If I'm about to fall to my feet I try to pull my shoulders forward and usually end up in a planche-like position and face-plant :oops:

My best hold is almost 30sec so i'm getting to the respectable level but I'm always looking for new techniques.

Thank you IA for any advice.

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Like the action of leaning forward and planching, you can bend the arms and push back to save it. You can also adjust your back and legs to save it by arching or hollowing.

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