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Wrist pain when in handstand/pushup position

Max H

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So I have wrist pain here under the wrist and I was wondering if anyone else have this kind of pain, the pain is not so bad and becomes more worse the longer I am in the handstand/pushup position (90 degree angle with hand and forearm) with my hand (only my right hand) I have had this for soon a year and rest doesn't help. I went to a chiropractor (i think it is called) well he said that it was my "flexor carpi radialis" (google it) that was short and when in pushup position with my hand it was getting irritated. He said that I needed to stretch and also some strenghtening of that muscle. I have done that for some time now and the pain is minimal but when I do a couple of pushups I don't feel it at first and then it starts to come slow. So anyone had any experience with this? is it tendonitis? if so what should I do?


Should I just continue with the exercises because these things take time or am I doing it wrong? 

I am still training other things like pushups with handles on the ground because the chiropractor said that was safe because it is only when in that 90 degree position with the hands. I'm also doing pulling exercises like pullups and other stuff with bars and rings. (I don't feel any pain when doing stuff when I grip and for example do dips).

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Christoph Pahl

Try simply strengthening your wrist flexors with dumbbell wrist curls - to stabilize the wrist, these flexors have to counterbalance the extreme stretch. You could use your pushup handles also for handstands.

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Julian Aldag

Leave the handstand for a while and spent some time in a front support position (top of pushup).

Take it slow. See if you can do 1x30s (build from 3x10s etc). Keep doing that until it feels super easy, then aim for 1x60s.

(6x10s, 4x15s, 3x20s etc). You should be able to do 1x60s before thinking of moving back to handstands.

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