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100m-Sprinting Track Athlete, criticize my routine

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First of all, Hello to everybody on this great Website, I'm happy to write my first post :)

I'm a 100m-Sprint Track athlete. Besides training exclusively on track 3 times a week, I try to do some cross-training because I like trying other sports.

I choosed to train once a week for each different out-of-track sessions. I'm a firm believer that sport-specific skill training is the most important part. I don't understand people who spend more times in the gym than in their sport. I think it should just help your sport performance...it shouldn't take over it. It'll never replace movement quality, balance awareness, and specific sport-skills. So most of my time is spent on track, running.

I try to use simple exercises, nothing too fancy, but I might miss a point somewhere, and I would like you to criticize my routine or to give me some advices.

Work-out set-up

Except of Olympic Lifts,I perform all the exercises this way:

-stretching: Dynamic before working-out. Passive after.

-sets: 3x[6-10], 3min rest between sets. I move on harder variation if I can do more than 12 reps.

-concentric: explosive, as fast as I can

-eccentric: slow, controlled

-isometric: 2 seconds hold on top of movement

Olympic Lifts [once a week]:

-power snatch

-power clean

-power shrug

-3X Wrist-Roller Grip strength

Legs & Core [once a week]:


  • -3X Weighted Pistols (I'm at 35Kg, next progression might be adding weight or trying to jump)
    -3X Glute-ham Raise
    -Various Plyometrics and agility


  • -3X Jacknife push-up on Rings
    -3X Hanging L-sit holds on Rings
    -3X Reverse Hyperextension


  • -3X Weighted Wrestler back-neck Bridge (I'm at 20kg, I won't add more, it scares me even if it's not really hard)
    -3X wrestler neck-bridge variations

Rings & Upper Body [once a week]:

-3X Handstand Push-up on floor (I'm at 3x10, next progression might be working it to full-ROM paralette)

-3X Weighted Pull-up on Rings

-3X Dips variations on Rings:

  • -Set 1: Bulgarian Dips with Rings turned out on top
    -Set 2: Bulgarian Dips again
    -Set 3: Standard Dips with Rings turned out on top

-3X Archer Row on Rings

-3X Push-up variations on Rings:

  • -Set 1: Ring flyes
    -Set 2: Archer push-up
    -Set 3: Standard push-up

I have 3 specific questions too:

-I'm trying muscle-ups. The problem is that I can't attach my rings high enough..and I must lift my legs while doing pull-ups.. L-sit muscle-up is too hard for me, any progression idea?

-Do you know a good bodyweight exercise to work the upper-trapezius muscle (yeah, this one is purely for aesthetics)? I can't do Olympic Lifts at the moment because of an Hip injury. Maybe upside down straight body pull-up on rings, trying to reach the sky with feets or just shrugging shoulders in ears? I don't really feel it hard on upper-traps with handstand push-ups.

-Any funny gymnastic-specific exercice I could add? It should be fun to do planche push-up in front of friends for example, I would love being able to do this once in my lifetime.

Keep training! :D

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1. muscle ups... do negatives, and ground assisted work focusing on the transition (row position with feet on the ground and turn it over). Focus on false grip, and getting the hands to the armpits with elbows straight back.

Tucking the legs is fine... you can't mount your outside or anything to like a tree?

L-muscle ups (holding L the whole time) are actually very, VERY hard without dipping the legs any. You have to push the hands out about 1/3 of the way to your knees the whole time which takes a lot more strength and stability than most people think. I have a hard time doing more than a couple, and I can weighted muscle up with +70 lbs attached to me.

2. Lots of handstands/HSPU. I fyou don't feel it you're probably doing them wrong... push your shoulders up into your ears

3. Depends on your goals... you can probably dump some of the exercises you do for planche & front lever... what you have is a lot of volume there and it's not necessarily going to make you stronger if that's your goal. I don't see the point of doing so many pushup/dip/etc. variations unless you're trying to build up some endurance to different movements.

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Hi Wild,

I would say it is crucial that you plan/ adjust workload appropriately since heavy strength work and sprinting both stress the CNS heavily. I would recommend that you visit charlie francis's website and he also has a forum. He is a very highly regarded and highly experienced coach who has a very well thought out methodology and extremely individualistic approach to training athletes. What's your 100m time by the way?

Best of luck,


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I'm aware of the CNS issue and plan all these workout so that I can recover enough for sprinting. I know Charlie Francis website, I read its forum a lot too.

I used to run 10"35 (coach-hand-timed) when I was 17 years old, I had a 42" vertical leap too. I stopped track and I played Basketball for 6 years, then I stopped completely any kind of sport. I decided to start 100m sprinting again 1 year ago (I'm 26) because I miss it. I Would say I'm a lot more powerfull now (but 15Kg heavier), my body changed a lot, I had my kid-body, but I'm not sure if my running is better or jumping higher. Gonna check my time at the end of the year :) I'm training for it.

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About the "High Volume", braindx, I precise that for 'dips variations' and 'push-up variations', I don't perform each variations for 3 sets. My 3 sets are made of the 3 variations (for example: first on flyes, second one archer, third one standard), because I like variety.

That's finally 3 exercices for push-pattern (HSPU 3X, dips 3X, push-up 3X) and 2 for pull-pattern (pull-up 3x, archer row 3x). (I already pull during Olympic-Lifts session).

Strength endurance isn't a bad thing either for 200m/400m sprinting.

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