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Are wall handstands very useful in learning free standing?


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I've currently been trying to learn handstands but find it is my form and irregular shoulder positioning effective my handstand.

I never actually practised wall handstands and am thinking of going back to these ONLY for a few months in order to focus on how a true handstand and it's positioning feels

I'm also quite a big boy (5'11 200lb) and am currently leaning out but practising kicking up handstands is taking is toll on my wrists despite warmups

I'm thinking of doing wall handstands for a few months and perfecting the little things to strengthen my shoulders and work on the little details that make the handstand easier and more accessible

Do you think is is a good idea? Will leaving the freestanding hinder me in any way for the time being?

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you should try to find some posts about "wrist push ups."  those can help out with making your wrists more durable.  you won't be able to do much handstand practice if your wrists hurt.  


just do some wrist push ups and other wrist exercises that you can find.


i'm not a handstand expert by any means, but a lot of people talk about doing wall handstands and pushing off a little bit and trying to hold the handstand and then falling back to the wall to try to learn the balance.  some people say this helps.  i've been trying this myself.  it's usually suggested to do this with belly facing the wall.  if you face butt to the wall, it will mess up your form and make your arch your back.


but you honestly won't be able to do much handstand stuff until you strengthen your wrists

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Alessandro Mainente

wall handstand is essential to measure your shoulders mobility and traps strength. without make 1 thousand test you can understand what is actually limiting your progress.

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