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Lower back pain from pike streching


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I have developed a problem with my streching, that I was wondering if anyone had a good fix for.


I have been doing pike streching now for about a year, and have had good results so far. I am naturally very stiff, so just getting to the point where I could lay my palms to the floor felt like a great victory. But the last months, my streching sessions have been followed by horrible lower back pain and stiffness the day after and the following days... I dont have any pain while streching, and I dont use weights or grab onto my legs... Just active streching...


The pain is felt in my whole lower back, but lasts the longest at the "upper ass" area. Probably where the tendons attach?


Anyone has experience with this, or know what I'm doing wrong? 


I can add that I have done mostly feet together streches, and little straddle or pancake streches, and my pancake is abysmal!

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You are stretching with a little too much intensity. Don't always go for more ROM every workout; stay in an area for a while in order to give the mobility gains time to stabilize. If you listen, your body will always tell you when to ease up or when you can go harder.

Ease off for a week or so and then begin again with less intensity this time.

Yours in Fitness,

Coach Sommer

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Thanks coach,


That makes sense. I will try to do exactly that.


It is a bit strange... After taking up gymnastics training, putting on the brakes has been the most challenging aspect of the training. 

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