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Basic Mobility Drills

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Dear members,

long story short, I am back in the gymnastic world after thinking for a long time about my weight training routine and where I was going (nowhere).

Today, I did some testing to simply know at what level I am.

I got some basic strength already: can do the frog stand for more than 15 sec, a flat tuck FL and L-sit on parrallets.

However, I have big issues with mobility. For instance, I can't do a simple 1 leg squat on the negative portion with my heel on the ground all the way down, have problems going very low on the dip, impossible for me to do a straddle exercise etc.

Do you have a basic flexibility-mobility drills routine that you would want to share, for my problems and also any other member that lack in this area.


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Jennifer Rodriguez

Well Foundation series has integrated mobility exercises.    That's probably your best bet.


You can always check out Mobility WOD or Kit Laughlin Stretch Therapy materials.

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